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The game keeps crashing to the desktop and getting an error


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so i saw the gameplay on youtube and i've liked it so i said to myself to give it a try

i've downloaded the game and installed it and after running it it keeps crashing to desktop

so i re-installed the game with no changes the problem still there

then i decided to re-download the game and re-installing it but with no luck , until i changed in the UDKEngine.ini this line bInitializeShadersOnDemand=False to True

but the problem still persist it keeps crashing to desktop but not as it was before changing the .ini file

now my problem is whatever settings i've put the game on low or medium i get: Ran out of video memory! Exiting...

i really hope you can give me a fix for this problem its soo annoying and i want to play this game so bad ,also i have a not bad graphic card i mean its able to run it and i don't get it why i have such error

and thanks everyone.

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