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Harvester feedback


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I noticed that the Harvester gets stuck some times.

I have seen it be stuck on the Airstrip after dilivery, or just outside of the WF.

on Walls GDI harvester gets stuck inside the dockingbay like 100% of time-

I also noticed that it eventually, but rarely, does a suicide if it got stuck.

would it be possible to make it so that the harvester gets removed (no explosion just silent remove) once

it did not change location for like 2 minutes or 90 seconds and be replaced by a fresh spawned harvester

at the refinary bay?

(A harvester that got killed still needs to be build in WF or delivered via airstrip!!)

If that would work it would be no disadvantage for the team with the bugged harvester in case the WF or Strip is dead.

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