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I want to mention that once the GDI/Nod vehicle buildings gets destroyed, the ref becomes kinda useless..

Because once the harvester gets destroyed, it cant be replaced. I know its logical but because of this the ref loses its function. (or does it do more then just harvesting credits?)

Can't there be a way that the harvester will respawn no matter what? (except when the ref gets destroyed)

Or am i just silly?

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even if harv is desteroyed you still get credits per second

its just you dont get the credits the harv normally brings in

I know that, but does the 'cps' change when the ref gets destroyed?

I meant that when the airstrip or wp gets destroyed, it wont spit out another harvester. Which basically means that when the harvester gets destroyed the ref is just sitting there being pretty.

We had a match where GDI's WP got destroyed and Nod's ref, both factions wont receive the income boost from harvesting because GDI's harvester got destroyed. (but Nod still had their vehicles)

So if the harvester could just respawn no matter what, the ref is worth keeping.

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The Refinery will give you 2 credits per second at any given time it still runs.

The harvester basically does nothing economy-wise until it parks at you refinery, granting your team an additional 300 credits for your entire team for having you put through the effort to keep it alive.

If the Airstrip/Weapons Factory gets destroyed, there's only 1 final chance to keep recieving your bonus of 300 credits every time your harvester makes it back to their base. If it dies, that bonus is permanently lost, severely crippling your income. but you still recieve your 2 credits per second as usual, as long as the refinery stays online.

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