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Video memory is to low...


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Hello. Im huge fun of C&C but this are bullsh1t...

This is my pc stats duo core 1.86x2Ghz

os win7

4gb ram ddr2 that is best what i can put on my pc cuz my motherboard are old

ATI Radeon HD 5670 1gb


i can run on my pc CoD mw3 Black ops2 csgo BFbadcompany2 BF3 Tribes ascend other stuff what is more than 10gb hdd space or run other games on high or low grapish,

but if we cheking the webpage stats for the game my stats can run it

but i tryd it on low grapish 800x600 windows mode the game not runing i go loading screen for muplie maches or skrimsh tha man runing 5 seconds and stops.... than jumping out your vido card memory is low... how it can be low by 1gb???

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