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.H2O. looking for a challenge


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Hey,I dont have a clan or a team of any sort,I just play the game together with 2 of my friends,but I would very much like to join any potential competitive scrims.

I am a competitive player in other games and would love to see how renegade plays out on a higher level :)

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There are other clans besides .H2O. that you can play against, but we're far from perfect. We have Renegade experience, but Ren-X is a different game. The best way to get your feet wet is to play some clanwars! It's the best way to learn, even if you lose some along the way. Just create your warrior/clan on the league site, and start adding the players to your Steam. If you need help with anything, send me a msg. I made a little 'how to play your first clanwar' guide here: viewtopic.php?f=131&t=72764

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We've helped the league get a good start, but we definitely need more (active) clans. Out of the 111 games so far, .H2O. was in 92 of them, and we probably botted in a majority of the others lol.

If a group of players were to make a clan today, they'd have no problem getting as many clanwars as they'd like. I'm surprised nobody has stepped up yet, but I guess it's understandable considering the games current state. Upcoming patch is fixing a lot though, and cw.cc has integrated Steam so it won't be long until it has automatic reporting.

There are other clans besides .H2O. to play against, to get some practice and learn some strats before you go off the deep end.

Even though we have a huge lead on the ladder right now, it would probably only take about 5 wins against .H2O. to get into 1st place.

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