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used to work fine, now bad lag on startup screen


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i installed on my gf's computer a while ago, and played a few games with her went perfectly fine. then a few days later it started giving very skippy lag on the main menu and in game

intel core 2 quad Q8200 @2.33ghz (4 cpus)

8192MB DDR2 ram

Nvidia GeForce 9500 GS

tried forcing gpu

tried lowering all graphics settings

had minimal success changing res to 680x480 (i think, whatever the lowest resulotion available in the games settings is) at lowest graphics, but i can't have her play like that, and it still was a bit laggy

all drivers updated

directx 11 up to date

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I'm assuming that you deleted the Xinput1_3.dll you downloaded from a third party site before you installed directx, correct?

Honestly I'd recommend that you update your GPU regardless. It's around 6 years old now and had trouble running vanilla UT3 on high at a medium resolution. Playing modern games on it will be a challenge.

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..\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32\UDK.exe

Right click, properties, and under compatibility check off disable desktop composition. This should help performance a little.

If you're running steam as well, I'd recommend doing the same for GameOverlayUI.exe in the steam folder.

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