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arty missing shot and some suggestions


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so far i have only nitice it wile playing with the nod artillery, the thing is that sometimes the shot animation (barrel recoil) hapens but there is no bullet/projectile been shot, it hapens a lot but more when you keep presed the mouse button.

also a couple of suggestions about the arty that right now is no match for an mrls at long range, for example make the reticle less sight blocking as it is kind of dificult sometimes to aim with so many lines in it blocking the sape of the target, anotter thing is the darkness of maps like field wich i know it is part of the game`s atmosphere but it is causing a negative inpact on gameplay, i mean you can hardly track your enemy movement on the field and it is even more hard to lay shots on them thing that doesnt bother me so much wile been GDI since with mrls you dont relly need to see your target because of the look on ability.

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I think the Projectile Dropping on the Arty needs to be done away with. It wasn't like this in original Ren and is severely limiting, as this is the only vehicle with standard shells (not rockets) in the game that has this 'dropping projectile' effect. All other tanks shoot straight to their targets...

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