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Voice command menu needs a rework


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Firstly I'd like to be able to rebind the buttons for voice commands. I like having crouch on ctrl and I don't like having to crouch or walk to bring up the voice commands.

Secondly some commands are hard to reach. I have to stop what i'm doing to reach ctrl+7 to say affirmative (as thanks in many cases).

My suggestion here would be to move the commands to z x and c just like (and it's brought up again) in tf2. Instead of it being push and hold they should be a toggleable menu that disappears when you select a command, press the button again or after a few seconds of not doing anything.


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Not a fan of the ones that use the mouse, don't like taking mouse control away and they only give you a limited set of options, otherwise it's tedious/requires a bunch of keys for different menus.

The only real difference TF2 is from Renegade is you don't hold down the menu button, you still have several keys which I'm not a fan of. I'd rather an RTCW/ET style, where you have just one menu key, then use numbers, first for category sub menu then second for specific command, can get that shit down real fast with minimal key binds.

Obviously everyone has a preference, so ideally we'd want to implement a few of the popular ones and having it as a selectable option which menu you want to use.

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