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How to play your first clanwar!


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After you've registered your warriors and clan on http://clanwars.cc/renx, next step is to find some competition.

There is a thread in this forum, and in clanwars forum, where players are listing their Steam ID. Add your own to the list, and start adding the rest as friends. Now simply just start asking people for a Ren-X Clanwar! Typical game sizes are small right now, so even with 2 people you can find a 2v2. 1v1 are even supported if you're into that kind of thing.

In order to communicate with your teammates, use your favourite VoIP client, but most Renegade/Ren-X players use TeamSpeak 3.

Now it's time to find a server to play in. Rencorner is hosting multiple clanwar servers, and .H2O. has one as well. They have a password, but if you're registered on clanwars.cc and want to use it, we'll give you the password. Just send me a PM, or add me on Steam - gotwhiskey

Now everyone will join up in the clanwar server, and game on!

When the games are done, each clan must report their losses within 1 hour of completion.

So add me on steam (gotwhiskey), and I'll help you in anyway I can to get you into Clanwars! Or at the very least, you can play some 'lobby wars' with us.


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