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Applaud, Chapeau, Hands down! A thank you to the makers!

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Feedback doesn't always mean it has to be negative or bug related. ;-)

I am absolutely thrilled with the release of the finally playable beta! As a kid I started playing Renegade, and spend most of my free time doing this. Hours well spend in servers and mIRC channels!

Writing about this makes me feel all nostalgic, do you remember playing at these servers. So many great memories:

- LTRoush CTF (All time favorite)

- FnFalls Snipe (All time favorite, yeah couldn't choose)

- St0rm

- NoN00bs

- Renstation

- N00bstories

- Black-Cell

- XpHaZe


- And so many more. (not just server names but also al lot of nicknames pop up, but I won't bother you with all my nostalgic crap, I'll stop here ;))

In those servers and IRC channels I think we all talked and dreamed for ages about a follow-up of Renegade. A few years later we heard some rumors about Renegade X, what was believed to be Renagade in a new coat with some help of the UT 3 engine.

Rumors, so many rumors. But all of the sudden, I believe it was in 2009, a YouTube video showed up with some actual in game footage of a game called Renegade X! Hopes were up again and with a lot of patience here we are in 2014 with a playable Renegade X that actually looks very promising!

So hence my post in this section of the forum is not to report bugs, but to applaud to the makers. I think you are going to make a lot of old (and new) fans very happy, And really think this should be said too! :D

I do have 1 small future suggestion to make. While playing I noticed a few changes, air strike, grenades and stuff like that. I think it would be very cool if in the future, when Renegade X is no longer in beta and running smoothly, there would be a game mode that lets u play in the old standard Renegade settings.

Not that I don't appreciate the new features. (Just call me old fashioned. ^^) I just really enjoyed Renegade as it was, and for me (and I think a few others too), Renegade didn't need any extra features. By the way, this made me realize even more how much I appreciate the "ploink" sound when u make a kill!

So, ones again, thanks for all the work and effort u guys put in this game!

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