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Lobby Wars!


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Hey Guys,

Come to ts.rencorner.com to play some lobby wars. We try to have them at least every other night.

There's a video of a 6 v 6 Lobby War!

Hopefully we can get a bunch of you online and play some big lobby wars with lots of communication. For those of you who don't know what a lobby war is, basically we all get on teamspeak 3 and pick two captains. The captains then pick their team and go into a separate teamspeak channels and in game with their corresponding team. Then we generally play 3 -7 maps. Generally there is a lot of teamwork and if our new to the game they will teach you a lot of strategies. Everyone that plays them generally have a blast. So if you want to play and learn about Renegade X join up and listen to your captain!

See you guys in game!

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