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Suggestion: put chevron icon above all friendly players.


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A chevron is a wider, flatter v shape. You see this in things like Battlefield.


Doing this will make players able to always able to easily and immediately determine friend from foe without having to clutter their screen.

See that guy in the distance running at you? No? (Well that's probably because the maps are so fucking dark and your screen has a billion and one effects on it) BUT if he had a chevron above his head you would be able to immediately know that it's a teammate!

Won't always seeing a small icon above all your teammate's heads get really annoying?

Maybe for some people, but think about it.

Is seeing a small icon above their heads more annoying than briefly forgetting which team you're on and pointlessly wasting bullets on your teammates face to check?

How? (To devs)

Just draw it above all friendly players heads at all times, keep it in 2D space so it's always the same size regardless of distance to player, 16x16 is a good bet on the size IMO.

Perhaps make it occluded by terrain (not entity's or anything) though I'm not really going to argue that aspect.

If devs decide to try this and for some reason need help, doubt they would, but if you do then I can help. As in programming or advising on the order of draw/stenciling operations which would be most effective.

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