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Firearm inaccuracies

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As a firearms enthusiast, there's a couple things I noticed upon playing Renegade X. I'm usually OK with inaccuracies here and there in video games, but these are some that drove me nuts.

1. The decals on the vanilla sidearm are grossly inaccurate. They're just copy-pasted from a Walther P22. The Walther P22 is an unreliable piece of junk that shoots the 22 LR cartridge which, in all honesty, is a step up from a decent pellet gun. It is NOT something any armed forces would ever, ever realistically issue to troops. Change the decal to a Walther PPQ, which shoots 9mm Luger...probably the most common sidearm caliber in the world.

2. The scope on the Marksman's Rifle is no where near what an ACOG is. ACOGs are made by Trijicon and look like this:

This one in particular has a Trijicon RMR mounted to the top of the scope for shooting close up where a magnified optic would be almost useless.


The "scope" that appears on the top of the Marksman's Rifle is a Chinese POS red dot sight usually reserved for 22s, pellet guns, and airsoft guns. These things have absolutely no magnification and have a terrible field of view. They can't hold zero under recoil for their own life.


3. The reticle in the Eotech sight on the Carbine is far, far too large. IRL the reticle on an Eotech is quite small. It also has a slight "shimmering" quality to it, not unlike the static on a TV with no input, however it's non-moving.


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I doubt the developers would spend this much time creating entirely new models of pistols or optics this far into the game's development. Although the Eotech reticle could probably be redone without much work.

Besides, it's not like Renegade is even aiming to be that realistic with its armaments either.

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