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Oddities found while playing in skirmish


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First of all, this game is the well-needed breath of life that Renegade needed. Thank you sincerely for making this game.

Playing around in skirmish, I discovered that all the old UT2k4 cheats (loaded, allammo, ghost, etc.) worked here, and decided to give myself all weapons. However, upon doing so I only managed to get two extra weapons.



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the weapon you got was the Link Gun out of Unreal Tournament 3 ( the newest Ut )

And it fires green damage balls the second is a Healing / Damage beam and is pretty cool ;-) still nice bug ! :D

The rocket one is the Original Rocket launcher of UT Black

They are no "admin weapons" i guess they are Forgotten Parts of the UDK ( Renegade X is Build Uppon the UDK )

List of all Ut3 Weapons with small Picture


So just Ignore them they are Left over and NO Renegade X weapons.

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