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"Built with UDK" Crash,not responding.(Help)


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So i just installed the game . it tried to restart the pc but i cancelled it . because i had to save some important stuff .but after that i did a restart and tried to start the game ,i selected a server and pressed join then the game starts and intro shows ( with unreal engine and that stuff) but after that finishes the screen just goes black minimizes and tells me that the built with UDK is not responding. I tried to search some fixes on the internet but couldn't find any.

So these are my specs : 3Gb ram ,nvidia geforce 520, intel pentium 2.8ghz, win 7 32 bit.

I installed the game in Disk: O where i still have 11 gb still free.

So guys i really appreciate if you can help with this problem ,I really want to play this game :D ( i have some other logs where i didn't type my name and it just started with steam name but still had the same problem.)


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