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I think the game would be much more fun if you guys fixed the below...

1) Add a search section on the ladder so you can easily find yourself

2) Add a buddy list in the menu so you can follow your friends

3) Change the sniper zoom so that you can have a range of zooms (not just 2)

4) Fix the helicopter flying I'm not sure why it's so difficult

5) Make it to where you can escape out of the intro videos

6) When you die it should be an instant spawn

7) When you spawn you shouldn't be holding a C4 (I accidentally throw it)

These are just some suggestions I have after playing the open beta. Also, the occasional lag when using vehicles is definitely a huge issue but I'm sure you guys are already addressing this.


NZF :)

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The scroll only allows you to zoom in two distances... There's no 'inbetween' zoomage is what I mean. Id like to be able to zoom 100%, 90%, 80%, 70%, etc.. Not just 100% and 50%

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