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Game refuses to run.


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So I've just downloaded this, I installed it and everything seemed to be going fine, I clicked on the shortcut to load up the game and I was prompted with the usual firewall / security pop up.

I clicked yes and nothing happens, the game doesn't load up at all. I'm not getting any crashes or errors and nothing is showing up in task manager but my friends on Steam tell me it says I'm playing the game for a few seconds then it says I'm not playing it any more.

I've tried uninstalling and downloading again and that hasn't fixed the issue either.

Drivers are up to date, DirectX is up to date, any suggestions would be appreciated. Running Windows 7 64bit.

EDIT: Apologies if there is already a thread with a solution to this issue, I had a look and I couldn't find one.

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Hey, I forgot to reply as I got the game working after a third re-install and ended up playing for 6-7 consecutive hours hah... Although, now that I've turned my computer back on again, it seems it doesn't want to run again.

I'll post logs ASAP.

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