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Brazilian Server testing and issues


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Hello everyone, I'm a very huge fan of Renegade, and when i found out about yesterday that renegade X exists i started playing it, but here in brazil lag is so huge on the ongoing servers that its almost unplayable with tanks, so I decided to start my own, but im needing some help on configure. (Already searched almost all the forum)

I already made the server start, but I wanted to do some of these features:

-Make playable only with 2 players online

-Running it as Marathon server

-Enable unlimited Vehicles

-All maps rotation (I think I already dit it)

I wanted to know all the admin commands cause i try to find it and i was unable to do so.

And i need some brazilians(or not) testers to try it, see if there is lag and some of that stuff.

Thanks in advance! i will call all my friends to enjoy RENX

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