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Voice commands visual notifications?


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I'm not sure if there's any but I've never seen any.

Basically, something that appears above your head (an icon) so you can tell its coming from you (only when relevant).

For example, I can spam "I need repair" all day and nobody will ever repair me. Well, there's the fact that everybody is clueless right now but just hearing it as a command vaguely doesn't help. I feel the same way when repairing, try to find out which of those tanks ACTUALLY said it.

This is useful for a lot of commands like that one, move out, fall back, etc... Map-wide commands are too vague, but a visual notification makes people look at you and consider what they just heard.

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The voice seems map-wide.

If there is an icon, it really should be a lot bigger and stand above the character, not next to their name which doesn't always show up anyway. I don't know if this was in vanilla renegade or not, but I do remember those big icons and they were hard to miss.

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