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Quickly going in/out of sights locks you in "aiming" speed

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If you quickly tap the alt fire on a gun that puts you into an aiming mode, or possibly let it go before the animation for moving into aiming completes (it's hard to tell as the time interval to generally too short to be sure), you'll be locked into the movement speed of whatever the weapon allows when aimed until you hold down the alt fire again long enough to fully sight. For some weapons this can be barely noticeable, but it's hard to miss with ex. the Laser Chaingunner or Raveshaw/Sydney.

Interestingly, this ONLY happens in online play; bot skirmishes do not exhibit this behavior.

And I guess in a semi-related matter as far as aiming goes: the Gunner zoom alt-fire is buggy online or off. It will only zoom in once, then pressing it again will zoom back out and you won't be able to zoom again until you switch weapons. Also, said switching will reveal it actually zoomed just a bit too FAR out on the second press because you'll notice it snap back into place once the other weapon is selected.

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