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The People Clan/Community Taking in Members


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Website|Join our Community|Teamspeak|IRC|JOIN TP MARATHON!|JOIN TP AOW!

Hello! We are The People! An international multi-gaming community with members from every continent,

including Antarctica. We wish. :P

We are currently hosting two Renegade X servers:



We were founded in 2010 out of the remains of the WittebolX Gaming Community, and grew to become one of the biggest names in alterIWnet's/fourDeltaOne's Modern Warfare 2 dedicated server listing.

We however, grew to realize that CoD is for losers (NTAuthority ceased all production on all 4d1 projects)

and changed our core focus to Minecraft and Renegade X.

Our Minecraft server has become one of the most popular on Gametracker, peaking at #2 in the USA thus far.

It is a semi-vanilla survival server where it is completely allowed to raid, grief, PvP, and betray anyone and everyone.


We cordially invite you, the reader of this topic, to visit us at http://www.thepeopleclan.net

and join our Teamspeak server at ts.thepeopleclan.net, we are all nice people once you get past the trolling,

and our server is public, and always will be.


We are a group of friends who enjoy playing a good game together.

Our staff is an entirely appointed body, who volunteer their time to keep our servers free of rule breakers and problem users.

We will never have applications for moderator of any kind, and asking one of our administrators

for mod/admin will lead to instantaneous denial, as well as us being leery about considering you for a future position.

Thank you for your time, hope to see you on the battlefield!

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