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just another thankyou post from an old "friend"


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i'm sure none of you remember me and you've been thanked many times, but here it goes...

i am the son of chaotic warrior and the nephew of aknightwhosaysni(knightofni[knight]) and i heard of this project as soon as they did. renegade was the first multiplayer game i played and i was hooked as soon as i started. i have been waiting the full 8 years since i was 13 when i heard about it (i think) and keeping myself updated on it and i have to say, thank you for this. i thought, at first, the idea of nostalgia would make me immediately dislike the new release (the original is always better) but considering that this is the FIRST open beta release. therefore being mindful that things will still need to be rebalanced/fixed. i would love to say that i have had no disapointment playing this game

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