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Beacon Announcements Late.


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Hi gang, Iv had this issue for quite a few days now and its getting really annoying and old fast. Not sure whats going on since other ppl don't seem to notice, but the beacon warnings dont even go off until 20seconds or less. Im talking about the " Deployed" warning. I understand there low sound, but In every game it wont warn me about a beacon until I hear a 30seconds remaining. Once that goes off about 10 seconds later it says its deployed. Iv checked this and double checked and it is not me mistaking the sounds, 1 beacon is placed and it still happens this way no matter what team's beacon is placed. Being a Engi preffered player im getting tired of being yelled at since I cant hear the dam thing's warning :"( If its just me then im gonna reinstall and hope for the best but honestly its not just the wanring volume its the delay in the messages.

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K guess its just me, time to reinstall and hope for the best because this makes beacons impossible to defend against since I never have time to respond. Ill just hope its on my end and that a fresh install will help.

EDIT: After reinstalling the same thing keeps happening. I am going to install on my friends computer and try to replicate this so that I can try to obtain enough information to help figure out why this is happening.

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