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looking for some things people whatever :)


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So after player renegade for a few years and haveing a great time doing so i quit a few years ago.

And what do i hear theres a new renegade comeing out!

now since ive been out of the loop im wondering if some of the people i used to play with still play or are active here or on other forums for renegade. ( maybe noobstories ?? if that still exists )

Some names i still remember are :

Reborn, MPreborn



And alot of others!

Now for some things about me

I started playing renegade when it came out and it was the only game i played online for the 5 years or so afterwards. The first name i ever had was "ilovehalo" ( hey i was like 12 :P )and ended up joining the BAJA clan which was quite a good clan in that era :). Fought against clans like Koss and Wnx.

When the claan died i ended up joining some other clans ( i kinda forgot the names :P ) but ended up in the MP gaming community ( where did they go ?) where i used to be known as MPhalo! when the clan kind of died and became a community i played alot on the jelly server

so after reading all this anyone knows me or recognizes me ? if so send me a message.

If not and you are a experienced renegade player im sure well meet :)

After all you a old renegade player like me knows the tricks and the map of this game well :)

ill be snipeing you with sakura if im not in your base with my hotwire ;)

Edit : found reborn on the renguard forums :)

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I mostly play'd on Jelly back in the day however the forums are still around and so are most people http://www.renegadeforums.com/ and for jelly its http://jelly-server.com/forums/ and before i forget, Welcome Back Commander ;)

yeah i found reborn on the ren forums :)

thanks for the help i had to laugh though, i couldnt use my email cause i still had accounts for both :)

Registered in 2004 or something haha

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