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Some feedback, few bugs

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Coming from someone who probably spent too much time on Renegade. I imagine some of these issues have already been discussed:

* The movement speed is somehow different. Feels quicker. Seems like when sniping enemies that they are moving faster.

* Guns feel unbalanced. Haven't done any in depth testing. I suspect the laser rifle is over-powered, maybe it's only meant for close range now? Again, further testing is needed.

* Vehicle weapons seem fine damage-wise. Tanks need a "finished reloading" sound like the original game. Kind of like the alternate fire view.

* Occasionally the vehicle weapon will not reload automatically requiring you to press reload. Has happened in a mammoth and an apache.

* Camera when in an aerial vehicle needs to be further out. It's too close right now. Makes it difficult to see and navigate.

* Am definitely missing the free aim.

* The 10 second beacon immune limit needs to be redone. The old way is better but if it has to be changed, make the timer end at zero when the beacon becomes immune. Perhaps lower it from 10 seconds of immunity to 5 seconds.

* All maps should have some kind of base defenses. Nobody in their right mind would ever build a base without some sort of guard tower. The towers need to see sbh as Nod is too over-powered as it is. This also works for both sides and cuts down on the amount of infantry running around the base at the first.

* The ADS view is buggy and almost unusable. Your aim bounces all over the place, while firing from third person seems to not be affected.

* When respawning, you look like the character you were when you died for a second or two. Not game breaking but annoying.

* Absence of vehicle locking/kicking. This has always been a necessity.

* I like the ability to upgrade your sidearm.

* Airstrikes need to be limited to once every while. 2 minutes or more maybe.

* Planting beacons in places that are inaccessible by foot.

* Sound issues everywhere. EVA should be the loudest thing in the game as it's the most important set of sounds.

* Vehicles are sometimes sticky with other vehicles.

* Game has frozen twice and crashed twice. Earlier tonight, my brother went to access a PT and both of our games crashed. I wonder if the server crashed at the same time? Probably not caused by him accessing the PT but still comical.

* Am getting something like a 30% success rate in joining servers from the game itself. Most of the time it just ends up at the main menu. Using the launcher seems more reliable although the sort order for number of players is not working right. It sorts by first digit only and not the whole number.

* Launcher starts a new game process every time you join a server instead of using an existing one.

* I too am afflicted with somewhat low fps on an ATI gpu. Should be much higher than the 25-40 fps I currently get on low settings with anything to do with lighting disabled.

Since Renegade was/is probably one of my favorite games, I'll definitely be doing some more testing. I say great job with the new look. The vehicle movement alone is excellent. I am definitely recommending this game to anyone that liked the original.

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