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how to set a password for your server ?


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hello am having trouble protecting my server with password so here is what I did, I just put my password in the 3rd line In ?AdminPassword=? but still the game isn't protected

@echo off

cd /d "\Binaries\Win32"

start UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=?maxplayers= -port=

I also encountered something crazy, I can see now 3 of my game name listed in the server list and when I try to join it I know it gives me other server not mine and like I told you I tried to protect my server with pass but actually nothing happens ... please help

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its opens only one time I checked ... I don't know am doing the right steps or not here is what am doing so

I just created my server.bat in here C:\Program Files\Renegade X\Binaries\Win32 which UDK.exe is installed already in this folder and I copy this setting as posted

@echo off

cd "C:\RenXGame\Binaries\Win32"

start UDK.exe server CNC-Field?AdminPassword=password123?maxplayers=40 -port=7777

but ofcourse I changed the maxplayer number to 10 and the port stays still.

I also couldn't find the UDKGame.ini in C:\Program Files\Renegade X\UDKGame\Config so I installed the single play game of renegade x to get it ..... is that right ?

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