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Basic Video Overview of GDI & Nod Units. (Updated!)


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Hey folks, I have been enjoying RX a lot since it came out, not just as a nostalgia trip but for its unique sense of style and game design/variety barely exists in the genre anymore. I think a large part of the fun and appeal is just the huge variety of units you have access to for even a single faction, but that can definitely overwhelm people, particularly those used to the much more rigidly defined classes/roles most games today have simplified/dumbed down to.

Plus, it's more enticing when you get to see exactly how a crazy gun does its making blows-ups.

So I made a video. You can watch it

Note: I make no claims to be an expert at the game, this is meant just to be an entertaining, basic look at the weapons and their functions, based on my experience, intuition, and vague remembrance of playing the demo of the original a bunch more than a decade ago. I'll be happy to add/correct stuff in future videos.

Please let me know if you enjoy it, have suggestions/hot tips etc., and if you'd like to see me actually cover the Nod and all the other stuff. Or maybe I'll actually do it anyway who knows.

Edit: I did it!

. Thanks to everyone for the feedback on the first vid, I worked hard to incorporate all your great suggestions to make this one better. Since I didn't need to cover the crossover units between the two factions, I got just a bit more in-depth with the ones that were unique to Nod & also dealt with several important things I missed in the GDI vid. Please, keep that feedback coming! Edited by Guest
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Very thoroughly enjoyed this! Informative and funny! You have the perfect voice and personality for this type of work!

Put this into the strategy section as well!

Thanks for the kind words! I thought about crossposting to the Strategy section also but didn't know what the board policies were on duplicate/cross posts and didn't want to overstep anything!

One thing I'd definitely like to know is people's feelings on the visibility of the subtitles. I knew it might be a bit iffy but using the CnC font was too tempting and I think it looks decent in HD... Youtube compression etc. definitely can make it somewhat dicey especially at lower res. The style's probably not worth it, will probably use something a little chunkier for the future.

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"Well bye"

Guess she just wanted a quicky

Sadly there are no quickies in war.

I thought that was awesome. Very nice job. I laughed a lot lol.

But yeah the subtitles kinda blended in a bit. The font was fine, I think you should change the color though.

Thanks! Yeah, the big thing was I wanted to show a bunch of the different map environments because I think the sheer range there is one of the particularly cool things about the game. Unfortunately, this had the unfortunate side effect of making it so that a blanket choice of font color didn't necessarily mesh well with all those different environments!

Truth be told, the way I jammed the titles in there was so laborious that I kinda at some point became impatient and decided I should just get it out there and start getting feedback on how people felt about it. So it shouldn't be a problem in future, especially since I'll probably be mostly sticking to the darker maps (or the blinding white of that snow map) for the Nod stuff.

I made a similar video but its just a review of the game and doesn't cover everything:


I'm not funny but I used to make these types of videos all the time lol.

Cool, your comment on my vid re: my titling issues was actually the first bit of feedback I got, so thanks, I appreciate it! I haven't gotten to watch your entire vid yet but shuffling around you're doing a real solid job getting a broad spectrum of things covered.

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