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Acid Etched Gaming [17+]

Mr Liquid Metal

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Acid Etched Gaming is a brand new gaming community and we are looking to start recruiting members, we plan on support a large variety of games, and are starting to host our own servers for certain games, the current games we support are...


League of Legends



Renegade X


Day Z

We plan on expanding that list as the community grows, so if your game isn't on the list have no fear!

We are a U.S. based gaming community, and just like any other group out there we have a few rules that must be followed if you were to join/play with us.

1. Respect your fellow players ( Whether they are with our group or not )

2. Do NOT use any kind of hacking software, or abuse glitches ( AKA don't be a damn dirty cheater )

3. Listen when someone says something ( If I have to say it more than twice there's an issue )

4. Be active ( We all have lives, but drop in now and then to hang with your buds )

5. Use your common sense ( If you think you shouldn't do something, Don't )\

6. All members MUST have a Mic ( Communication is KEY, and text chat just doesn't cut the mustard )

Those are the basics, obviously there are more rules and regulations then that, but those are our main six. We take pride in not only providing a great gaming experience for our members, but to anyone who happens to play with us.

Now, you may notice that we are a 17+ group, the reason for this is that ( In 'Murika ) you have to be 17 or older to buy M rated games, and those are the kind of games we play, so if you can't legally buy the game yourself then you're to young to be playing it, also we are mature community, meaning we talk about mature/adult topics. Now, if you're not 17 yet don't fret, we can make exceptions, but there will be a process that you will have to go threw before being fully excepted into the community ( Interview, Trail Period, Limitations, ECT ).

So, now that we have all of that bullsh*t out of the way, if you are interested in joining just jump on our Teamspeak server and poke either "Mr Liquid Metal" or "Elkazerl" and we will move you to the "Chill Room" and talk to you for a bit, if we like you we'll make you member, if we dont... well, you know how it goes. Anyways, unlike most gaming communities we don't require you to sign up on a website, we see that as just being a pain in the ass and not necessary.

~~ How To Join ( Simple Edition ) ~~

1. Connect to Teamspeak ( tsdal1.vilayer.com:4024 )

2. Poke Mr Liquid Metal or Elkazer

3. ???

4. Profit ( AKA Accepted into the community )

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