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oh my god get rid of the reloading


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seriously the reloading is all screwed up in this game i mean my god just get rid of it. invisible guns, bypassing reload time by switching and switching back guns, every time you run the reload animation stops and you just hear the reload sound, etc. this is terrible. just let it pew pew pew til youre out of ammo.

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Keep in mind the game is still beta and there are going to be bugs to work out.

As for a reloading bug that I've noticed, sprinting right after reloading seems to automatically cancels out the reloading animation and gives the gun a fresh clip. I agree that it needs fixing, but certainty not getting rid of it, which would be even more unrealistic (hey, I'm not expecting ARMA, but a line has to be drawn somewhere).

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Well I'll add something useful to the topic:

-In 3rd person, the reloading sound is not played out UNLESS you switched to first person view with that weapon before. Its as if the sound wasn't loaded in 3rd person. (you'll also notice graphical glitches when switching into 1st person while reloading, but only the first time before switching weapons).

I wasn't aware that sprinting instantly reloaded your weapon? I thought it was just an animation problem (the animation of reloading should not be overriden by sprinting in first person -> 3rd person animations are actually fine).

The bypassing reload time you mention is actually just the "time to refire" being skipped by switching weapon, not the actual reload time. (that bug is very well known)

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