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Could we get some more HUD/UI options?


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First off, I'd like to congratulate Totem Arts on making a truly stellar revamp of C&C: Renegade! I'm having a ton of fun with the game and while I do come across crashes and bugs, I know this is a beta and the gameplay is good enough to easily be able to look past them.

What I would like to see for Renegade are more options for the HUD however! Specifically I would like to see two options added.

1. Team-Based HUD Coloring that will always show the name/faction of the player and the border around them when you point a weapon at them based on the faction, not how they relate to you. That is, GDI will always have yellow/gold text/borders while Nod will always have red. Perhaps a second option could be added to have the crosshair follow the same logic color-wise.

2. Customizable Crosshair Colors as I find that on some maps you can lose your crosshair in the scenery (this is more an issue on brighter maps like Whiteout or the blue tiberium cave on Mesa). Ideally I'd like to see an option to set a color when pointing at a friendly, when pointing at a hostile in range of your weapon, and a default color when you're pointing at nothing or at something out of range.

That said, I don't really have much comments on balance as I don't feel I've played the game enough (I've played a good bit though) although I do want to know if the superweapon beacon and airstrike binoculars not doubling in price when the power plant goes down is a bug or not.

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