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Renegade-X 64bit binaries


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Where is 64bit binaries from july2013 UDK bundle? Why them is not included?

There's no difference between content made in 64 vs 32 bit though.

Tested with 64bit binaries from july2013 UDK - everything seems fine

Download this file and extract it to renX binaries folder with overwritting

- link deleted -

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There is a reason we don't use 64bit binaries! They don't support DLLBind (thanks Epic...), and we have some functionality rely on that, if you are fine with not having everything working "as intended" go ahead and modify the game as long as it works :).

But we would like to keep this Beta "clean" so we have the overall experience at the same level, mod support will be there, also maybe 64bit binaries.

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