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What are your thoughts on VOIP?

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How many times have you seen your engineers running around like headless chickens, and wanted to tell them "THE BEACON IS ON THE ROOF YOU IDIOTS!". If you took the time to stop and type this, you could be sniped or any number of things.

Now, I know this was not something which was in the original Renegade, but I believe it was due to performance and bandwidth issues, not gameplay. Most other comparable FPS have some form of VOIP nowadays, and it seems like a glaring omission to me. Obviously there is all sorts of TS/Mumble/Vent whatever, but in the game's current state that would only be helpful for clan matches or small organized squads.

Though the Ctrl + Alt menus are nice, I don't think they're enough for a modern shooter, like the Devs want this to be. Doesn't have to be complicated, just teamchat. If youre feeling fancy, open it up to allchat at the end, and if were really getting serious, we could have local speak and teamchat separately.

I know BETA and all, but this seems like something that should really be in for the final.

EDIT: I search "VOIP", and get nothing relevant.... Whatever, thanks for the link.

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