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Thanks for the game Ren X team!

Malak Dawnfire

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It's awesome. I haven't played it too much yet but the few hours I have in-game, it's been spectacular. Combat seems faster than in the original Renegade but I much prefer it to the original. Infantry combat feels silky smooth and while there's still jumping/bunnyhopping it all feels natural and bullets tend to land where you aim.

Vehicle combat also seems faster and much improved, there's less hour long stalemates on Field where it's simply a trading of blows, pulling back and repairing. Stuff actually happens now and that's great, you get killed, you get kills and it all looks amazing. UT3 engine is fairly old in this part of the gaming cycle but it's beautiful looking still and you've really captured the core mechanics of the Old Ren I fell in love with long ago, while still keeping it new and modern.

So, I didn't pay a dime for this game but it's probably one of my top favorites at the moment, taking priority over Planetside 2 and Battlefield 4.

Thanks for all the developers that worked long and hard on this, you're all amazing.

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