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To put it bluntly, everything about it is bad


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  • The font for the vote message is too light so its a strain on the eyes to see, bordering the letters would fix this
  • The chat bar is not static and is in a bad position of the screen. It should be down where the killfeed is and toggle whenever you go to type something in chat
  • The colors on the health and armor bar are a strain on the eyes
  • The targeting reticule is very light while also being static in color making it hard to see in some situations
  • Theres no UI queue for a certain structure being attacked, the audio queue is sometimes obscured by sounds of explosions so having something like that would be nice.
  • The pause menu gives no utilities other modern games do, like the ability to change keybinds on the fly or video/audio settings, instead its just a big splash tutorial with suicide and resume at the bottom.

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