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Hello Ren-X Community and Developers!

Over the past few days of playing Renegade-X Multiplayer, I have been watching for bugs and making a list of them so that I could try to help you guys out with finding/fixing them. Here they are! I posted these here, because I didn't want to make 3-4 different threads in different sub-forums.

- GDI Hotwire "Ghost" Arms: Occasionally, when switching weapons with the GDI Hotwire, a pair of "Ghost arms" (they seem to belong to the GDI Soldier model, can't be 100% sure though) appear behind the character model, extending backwards with the hands directly behind the character. Switching weapons a few more times usually makes the "Ghost arms" go away.

- Shaky Orca: I understand that light aircraft that maneuver quickly are bound to shake a bit, but not like this. Often times, when moving in any direction (up, down, left, right, forwards, backwards) or even when sitting still, the Orca shakes around violently. It appears to spin about 10 degrees from horizontal to the left, then immediately 10 degrees from horizontal to the right. (With opposite engines moving up and down, not spinning clockwise/counterclockwise.) It does this probably 10 to 15 times per second. So far, I have only noticed it on the maps Walls_Flying and Lakeside. Transport Helicopter seems OK so far, but the Apache has the exact same problem. (Seen on Whiteout.)

- Silenced Pistol "Ghost" Rounds: I've noticed that, if you click really fast when using the Silenced Pistol, you can generate up to 3 or 4 "Ghost rounds" in the magazine. This means that, by clicking so fast, you have actually fired all 12 rounds in the clip, but the display couldn't catch up, so it still shows 1-4 rounds left in the magazine. Clicking "fire" a bit slower gets rid of those "ghost rounds," but the Silenced Pistol does not fire, because of course, it is actually empty. Not a huge deal, but it does keep the Silenced Pistol from reloading unless you do it manually, or fire off those 1-4 "ghost rounds."

- Silenced Pistol Limited Ammo Display: Another problem, nothing that really effects game play, is that the first time you enter a game (or when you repawn, I think) the Silenced Pistol displays 12/132 rounds (12 in clip, 132 in reserve) even though I really has unlimited ammunition. Reloading the clip, whether rounds have been fired or not, solves this problem, and it starts showing 12/12 again. Firing/reloading after this, the secondary number always stays at 12, which I supposed it working as intended.

- Tag-Along Heavy Pistol: Something I noticed yesterday while playing. When the game ends, and you are alive and have purchased the Heavy Pistol as a replacement sidearm, it stays with you for no cost if you purchase the same character in the next game. I haven't tested this extensively, but I can tell you what did happen. I had the Hotwire character on GDI, and helped keep our Infantry Barracks alive for the last few minutes of a game on Goldrush. I had really barricaded myself in there, and bought the Heavy Pistol since I wanted to be as well-equipped as possible. When the game ended by time limit, the server went on to the next game. In that game, whenever I used the Engineer or Hotwire characters, (can't remember about the other characters) I started off with a Heavy Pistol for no charge. It wasn't a ghost weapon either. It was a perfectly functional Heavy Pistol.

Thanks for your time, and I hope this helps testers/Developers to improve the game! I will update this thread if I find any more helpful information.

- FireAnt

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