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Cannot change controls


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So, I have just downloaded this game and I have a few problems.

1 - I cannot change my controls, I click onto the control I want to change, put in my new control and nothing happens. It clicks off it. I cannot input my keyboard controls. They are Xbox controls or something?

2 - I cannot find any server either. I click on the servers tab, nothing pops up. I have refreshed, my firewall isn't blocking it ect.. I do not know how to fix this either.

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Same problem here about the control, i can find servers. i unplugged my xbox wireless receiver and my play and charge cable but no changes. When i join a game my character just turned around himself and i can't stop him.

My controls settings are the same as blackie's

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Anyone find a solution?

I am having the same problem. In the settings menu some buttons are for xbox and others are blank and I can't change them. In-game the mouse keeps moving up and to the left alone but the buttons work. Also I don't have any controllers connected.

And slawk your link is to this same thread.

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