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Unable to DestroyBuildings


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Not sure if someone else posted this in a different area, I wasn't quite sure which area this would go in, but this forum seemed to be the most appropriate.

My feedback is from an experience in a game last night. The game last almost a couple of hours because our team wasn't able to destroy the enemy teams guard tower (Nob Obleisk). Our team had taken out their refinery, barracks, and airstrip, however we couldn't finish the job because no matter how many Mammoth tanks we had, we couldn't get into the base to finish the job on the Obleisk because they had so many engineers camped in the tower just repairing it. Same thing with the power plant. At one point we had 6 mammoth tanks attacking the Obleisk, and they had no vehicles and the Obleisk wasn't able to destroy all of us because we couldn't do any damage to it, because of so many engineers

My feedback would be to limit the maximum repair rate on buildings. Engineers should not be able to make a guard tower unkillable to 6 mammoth tanks. That should be a quick base destruction with no problem at all, especially if the other team doesn't have any vehicles to guard it or fight back. This problem made the game very very long for no reason, and to be honest after close to 2 hours of dealing with this, I just left, I don't know if my team was ever able to finish the base off.

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Whenever brute force isn't working because of the mass of engineers inside, your team needs to organize something to temporarily stop the building from being repaired.

This should have been very simple to do considering you had quite the upper hand on them. All it would take is an APC rushing in with a couple guys to kill/distract them for a few seconds, and it would be toast. Same with planting an ion cannon beacon at the spot of bombardment, there's no way it would get defused with all the explosions going on around it.

I'm actually glad to hear that a team with only one building remaining is able to hold out for so long against a well equipped team.

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Mammoth tanks are not well suited to fight infantry close by. In this situation maybe using only med tanks and apcs together with trying to plant a beacon on the ob would have been better. i think new players might use mammoth too much. it is not necessarily the best vehicle to be in in an enemy base. also it leaves less room for your allies to maneuver.

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