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Because the feedback forum is split into a gorillion sections I'm just going to dump stuff here.

I'm really thankful to the fact that this at least isn't like unreal tournament 3 launch when it comes to netcode. U3 originally had extremely bad netcode, rendering most non-hitscan weapons severely gimped - 1/3 of the rockets that you fire will just straight up vanish in the air once you start playing on servers with pings higher than 110. However some of the problems remain - the non hitscan weapons will get worse the higher ping you have to the server. More about this later.

I've tried using most of the weapons and vehicles in the game, except for the aircraft and the silo weapons so I'll skip those.

Rifleman - Once again, the lag makes non hitscan weapon worse thing. In this case, the regular silenced pistol is actually a lot better at taking out enemy infantry than the assault rifle. That's fine however, since the rifle is good at spraying down light armor.

Marksman - Same problem here, not hitscan. In this case it's not all that good for light armor either since it's DPS is much lower than regular rifle.

Grenadier - Extremely powerful because of the splash damage and ease of use. Not to mention it's a free class. Pretty much like the best weapon for close to midrange combat even if shotgun beats it point blank while the 1 shot guns requires you to spend money for them.

Flamethrower - Contrary to grenade launcher, flamethrower is extremely useless. The range is low, The flame travel speed is slow, the area is small and the damage it deals when the flames actually brushes by some guy is way too low. I recommend making it shoot a glob of fire that explodes (like red alert or real flamethrowers) the current one is just terrible.

Officer - Same problem as the rifle, consider making the minigun more minigun ish by making it shoot more stuff. Why not make each shot weaker but launch 3 projectiles instead like TF2 or Dystopia miniguns? Right now it feels just like the rifle but with slight windup and much bigger mag.

Rocket Soldier - Fine, lots of "noob tubing" going on however. Funny how description says it's weak vs infantry when people are using it to jump and pretty much 1shot infantry.

Railguns - Same as rocket, "weak vs infantry" but people are using them mostly to 1shot infantry

Chemical Trooper - Suffers from same problems as the flamethrower. I know it can kill people real fast, emphasis on the "can" part because it's nothing like that in action when used against people that are strafing and jumping around. It's also a lot worse as the paid infantry that can kill buildings with main weapon role compared to gunner because it lacks in range. Suggest making it shoot wider green mists instead.

Stealth Black Hand / Laser Chaingunner - both of these are real good mainly because their weapons are hitscan, I'd say they're better than the GDI Flakk Cannon guy and Patch

Both the machine pistol and the heavy pistol also suffer from the fact that they aren't hitscan which makes them worse than the default silenced pistol.

Overall: it's imba as hell to GDIs side, mainly due to the fact that Nod does not have any free anti heavy armor loadout, meaning that they're kind of screwed bar doing suicide rushes with the C4 once the refinery is down and medium or mammoth tanks starts approaching the base. GDI however can simply start as grenade launcher guys.

On the vehicle side:

The Artillery / Rocket Car are way too good for their price. They have long range, are better at killing infantry than tanks due to splash, on 1v1 they can kill $800-900 tanks as fast as the tank can kill them - meaning that they win if they get the first shot or volley. Sure infantry can shoot them down, but they only cost $450 to buy.

The Humvee / Buggy seem too slow, especially the humvee. I don't know if it was a glitch or something, but medium/light tanks could somehow move as fast as them when I tried them. What's the point of "fast scout vehicle" when it no faster than the tanks?

Oh and also, attempting to join servers via the in-game server list will often dump you in some random server instead.

Hitting suicide on esc screen often doesn't work

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The weakness of riflemen isn't that they aren't hitscan, it's that they are just plain inaccurate. Since Renegade X adds the muzzle climb I wouldn't be opposed to giving it a bit better accuracy than in Renegade, but I really don't think things need to change much.

Flamethrowers actually have surprisingly decent range and seem to have about the same DPS against vehicles as grenadiers. They can't shoot nearly as far as a Grenadier at full arc, but they are about the same range as what I can reliably hit with a grenadier without needing to take practice shots, and they can of course shoot much further while under a low rooftop. I agree that in an anti-infantry role they are useless at the moment.

I agree that explosive splash damage seems way more powerful now than it used to be. Alongside Grenadiers and Rocket soldiers, Gunner is supremely powerful and equals if not exceeds the $1k characters in most relevant respects. It's a REAL PITY I can't get my team in these 32v32 stalemates on Field to just spam Gunners and rush buildings through the tunnels all day long.

As for the Buggy/Humvee/APC: Are you aware that the sprint key still works for them? It will make you about 10 or 15% faster. A bigger problem IMO is that the gun on them is hopelessly pathetic at killing infantry on the move, whilst the tanks are completely dominating with splash damage.

Frankly I don't see much usage at all for the additional weapon purchases, if someone could tell me what purpose they serve I'd like to hear it. Compared to characters they suffer heavily by not offering the additional HP and compared to the base $0 classes they suffer heavily by not really opening up any new options in exchange for not being free.

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I raised the complaint about the vehicles because shift did nothing besides make the engine noise rev up a little. Also engineers can buy main guns which makes them quite lol since the cashgineers can now have a primary weapon as well as carry enough explosives to solo kill buildings from inside quickly.

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I raised the complaint about the vehicles because shift did nothing besides make the engine noise rev up a little. Also engineers can buy main guns which makes them quite lol since the cashgineers can now have a primary weapon as well as carry enough explosives to solo kill buildings from inside quickly.

Combat Engineer is a viable option ;)

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