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In-game glitches/ bugs


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I have played the game for a few hours and I have noticed a few glitches and bugs. Here is a few I have seen so far after playing today.

1.) After purchasing a mammoth tank, I was unable to see the rockets being fired or the cannon shells.

2.) Upon entering a vehicle, the image at the bottom right would be an A10 bomber and show 100 rounds; yet the vehicle is unable to fire.

3.) After switching 1st to 3rd person rapidly, the arms from the character that were seen in 1st person would also be seen hovering around the character while in 3rd person.

4.) While some of these were happening, a nuke was detonated and the explosion was not seen. Just the visual appearance of the building that was destroyed changed.

I'm not sure if the last two were due to the graphics settings I have set. I only made changes to the first page of the settings. The remaining 3, I left at default.

texture detail low

detail level med

mesh LOD med

effects LOD med

shadow quality med

texture filtering normal

dynamic lights unchecked

dynamic shadows unchecked

motion blur unchecked

If anyone else has the same issues or has any glitches or bugs that they found, post them here

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