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List for people in vehicle

Ranger Albatross

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This is on the to-do list.

Hopefully it's on the "sooner" to-do list because it's really starting to affect gameplay, as with most UI stuff. I just need clear indicators of what's going on.

Otherwise, the gameplay is really solid. Good job with refining the gunplay, the weapons feel nice, especially with ADS. Just get the UI and network features up to standard and you've got traditional Renegade gameplay mixed with modern accesssibilty/UI elements.

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Agreed. you should be able to look at the car and see the names of the people in it when on ur team.

and if ur in the car tank w.e you should see for example 1/2 or 1/5 listing the amount of people in the car, and people that it can hold, as well as the names of who is in.

ALSO an the ability to kick them out. if your working as a team and a noob jumps in it cluster fks everything.

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