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Constant Fullscreen/Windowed When Joining a Server


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Hello Ren-X community and devolopers,

As the title says, I'm having a bit of an issue running the Ren-X Open Beta client. Everything downloaded and installed fine, and the launcher opened fine, but when I went to join a server, the client kept going to full-screen mode, showing one of the title screens (powered by Unreal something-or-other, Totem Arts, etc.) for a few seconds, then going back to windowed mode where I could see the rest of my desktop. It did this every few seconds for about a minute with nothing else going on, so I just had to close it. Tried again with the same result.

If it helps, it appeared there was another window added for each of these cycles. (It all stayed in the same window, but a new, smaller window appeared inside the latest one each time it went through this cycle.)

I looked through the Technial Support sub-forum, but couldn't find any issues like this one, so I'm sorry if this is repetitive.

EDIT: An update on the issue. I restarted the launcher, and it appears to work fine now. However, it stays in the windowed mode, while acting like the full-screen mode. (Ex: I cannot move my cursor off the window when in a purchase terminal, or when in the ESC menu.) I am fine with playing in the windowed mode, but this seems like a bug, so I thought I'd report it.

Thanks for your time!


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