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Thoughts and Opinion of a Noob


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Well then, Renegade X is finally amongst those of us who weren't in the Private Beta, and may I say, it's still kick ass. Even on this toaster (Mostly in regards to the Intel HD Graphics I'm forced to be with), it runs very well, enough to play online with random lag being at most ten to twenty minutes in between. Nice work on the optimization, by the way.

So, as far as Balance went, I had played, I want to say three or four matches. And only one of those I played Nod as (First match, and I lost connection with the server). Other times, it seems GDI is pretty strong, but then again, it's GDI. On Islands, Nod easily had the tunnels, but then was pushed out and beaten quickly. Then we moved on to the map with the huge Tiberium cave (Beautiful map, well done.), and then I think I lost connection there too. Sad, I was going to try Patch out.

And then came Fields. I had already given Fields a shot, and it seemed pretty well balanced (Maybe in the favor of GDI a bit) on both attempts, but I know that GDI quickly gained the advantage in the Field after we lost it. The tunnels were mostly GDI (Mostly due to the 32 players on each side, meaning an Infantry Zerg rush could crush either side), with a few Noddy little units running through from time to time. This was also my first experience with a Spy crate. I had gotten a shotgunner (Didn't expect the weapon to work), and managed to 'shoot' my way to the Nod base. I then entered the Obelisk (Without buying a Beacon foolishly.) with next to zero issue, and promptly shot everyone in there, and killed them, and I think I got to damage the Obelisk. Still, that's a nice touch. And the free Sakura was nice, until a SBH started shooting me. Jerk.

The air strikes I couldn't really tell how they worked, most the time I ran back to base to get a different infantry unit after calling it in on Fields, or I would be killed before sending it. Or, heck, I would lose connection (First match).

The new weapons are awesome. The Carbine is enjoyable, and the Machine Pistol seems to do good, I've just gotta get off this clunker.

As a final note, McFarland seems pretty good. Being a flak junky in Unreal, I love the idea of a Flak Cannon in Renegade, so I'm bound to use him when I get a better computer.

And I'll close with a question: Does anyone know if the game runs on an Nvidia GeForce 8500 GT? If so, I may be able to throw Renegade X on my flash drive and give it a shot on the monster computer of the house.

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