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Built with UDK funktioniert nicht mehr


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My UDK.exe crash when i Start Renegade-X

Fatal error!

System.OutOfMemoryException error in mscorlib:

Eine Ausnahme vom Typ "System.OutOfMemoryException" wurde ausgelöst.

bei System.Threading.Thread.StartInternal(IPrincipal principal, StackCrawlMark& stackMark)

bei System.Threading.Thread.Start(StackCrawlMark& stackMark)

bei System.Threading.Thread.Start()

bei System.Net.TimerThread.Prod()

bei System.Net.TimerThread.TimerQueue.CreateTimer(Callback callback, Object context)

bei System.Net.ServicePoint..ctor(Uri address, Queue defaultIdlingQueue, Int32 defaultConnectionLimit, String lookupString, Boolean userChangedLimit, Boolean proxyServicePoint)

bei System.Net.ServicePointManager.FindServicePointHelper(Uri address, Boolean isProxyServicePoint)

bei System.Net.ServicePointManager.FindServicePoint(Uri address, IWebProxy proxy, ProxyChain& chain, HttpAbortDelegate& abortDelegate, Int32& abortState)

bei System.Net.HttpWebRequest.FindServicePoint(Boolean forceFind)

bei System.Net.HttpWebRequest.BeginGetResponse(AsyncCallback callback, Object state)

bei System.Net.WebClient.DownloadBits(WebRequest request, Stream writeStream, CompletionDelegate completionDelegate, AsyncOperation asyncOp)

bei System.Net.WebClient.DownloadDataAsync(Uri address, Object userToken)

bei System.Net.WebClient.DownloadDataAsync(Uri address)

bei Rx_VersionCheck_Lib.VersionCheck.StartDownloadData(String URL)

bei Rx_VersionCheck_Lib.VersionCheck.StartFindVersion(String VersionInfoURL)

bei GuardedMainWrapper(Char* , HINSTANCE__* , HINSTANCE__* , Int32 )

bei ManagedGuardedMain(Char* CmdLine, HINSTANCE__* hInInstance, HINSTANCE__* hPrevInstance, Int32 nCmdShow)Address = 0x7572812f (filename not found)

Address = 0x5645ba10 (filename not found)

Address = 0x5645ef17 (filename not found)

Address = 0x50c9f53 (filename not found)

Address = 0x5100a24 (filename not found)

Address = 0x18e8dea (filename not found)

Address = 0x200ccc3 (filename not found)

Address = 0x50c9ca6 (filename not found)

Address = 0x563f219b (filename not found)

Address = 0x5642a7aa (filename not found)

Address = 0x5642a94c (filename not found)

Address = 0x5642a981 (filename not found)

Address = 0x5642a9a1 (filename not found)

Address = 0x56507be3 (filename not found)

Address = 0x56579f40 (filename not found)

Address = 0x56579d54 (filename not found)

Address = 0x5657a149 (filename not found)

Address = 0x5657a04a (filename not found)

Address = 0x5652cb70 (filename not found)

Address = 0x6f2b55ab (filename not found)

Address = 0x6f607f16 (filename not found)

Address = 0x6f604de3 (filename not found)

Address = 0x776d37eb (filename not found)

Address = 0x776d37be (filename not found)

Address = 0x776d37be (filename not found)

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