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That usually happens when you have a gamepad pluged in or some other input device besides the mouse. Pls check if you have a gamepad or something plugged in, then plug it off before you play Ren-X.

I read in another post, another guy had the same problem, and he didn't have a controller or gamepad plugged in, neither do i.

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Same problem, keep spinning left and looking up. I have no joysticks connected and I disconnected all USB devices before launching the game, then disconnected keyboard and mouse while in game, no change.

I also can't rebind keys, they just revert back to whatever they were before, http://puu.sh/7cf2c.png.

While running windowed, I stop spinning if the game loses focus. Inverting Mouse option makes me spin left and down.

Using G15 keyboard.

(List of processes: http://puu.sh/7cfCK.png )

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