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A little visual feedback upon getting a kill would be nice


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We all do it. We all wanna know "Hey, am I the one who just killed that guy" while in a little skirmish on some far-off part of the map with a few teammates backing you. You just can't stand not knowing. You gotta know so your e-peen can grow. It's just how we are.

So what do you do? You take your eyes off the direct action of the fight and try to scan the kill-feed on your left. Your aim suffers, you miss a key shot, and you die, perhaps. Visual feedback, and I might be completely misusing this term but, meaning you know when you did something based on a change that's noticable whether you look directly at it or not, such as those orange sparks in your repair gun appear when you're actually HEALING something, as opposed to just firing your gun, for hitting an enemy is fine as it is with the hitmarkers (though they do get a little hard to see and may blend in with the screen. custom HM colors could be good). But the kill is ever so important.

So, say the enemy's torso flies behind some rocks just as you get the kill, and you don't have time to look at the kill feed because he might pop back out and getcha in the time that you do. So you remain there, waiting for him to maybe pop out, wasting valuable time.

How do you fix this? I don't know, maybe do something similar to TF2 and CS:GO in how they change the colors of the text, outline your kill in a bubble, and fill in the black space all in the kill feed? Now nobody go off on a tangent here saying "YOU WANT THIS GAME TO BE LIKE TF2 YOU IDIOT THIS ISN'T TF2" I'm just giving some examples of how other games handle this situation.

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Overall, I think this is a decent idea, but I think I have something that could improve it. I have not had a chance to play Ren-X yet, but I specifically remember a feature from the classic Renegade multiplayer that may or may not have carried over to this remake.

The feature was a very distinctive, silly yet satisfying "Boink!" sound when you got a kill. Personally, I think this is the most effective way of informing a player that he got the kill, because:

1. It is a distinctive thing used nowhere else in the game.

2. It is an audio-based alert, so you don't have to take your eyes off the sights and lose what might be a valuable half- or quarter-second looking up to check for a certain color that means "You got this kill."

3. It would be great for Ren-X because hearing distinctive "Boink!" would bring nostalgia for people who were/are big Renegade fans.

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Perhaps having kill feeds as an optional log in the console could help?

The Boink + the kill feed is already there. I'm assuming you are saying that you frequently miss those indicators, and would prefer something grander?

Hilighting a player's own kills in the kill feed for them would be great. Like, sure I can look at the kill feed, but that means I have to divert my focus to it and actually scan and read it. In games like TF2, you never have to look and scan the kill feed because your kills are color-coated so it stands out on the side of your vision. You don't have to actually look at it.

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