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[Open Beta] Common Errors and Fixes


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PROBLEM: [5.282] Launcher doesn't update, or hangs at "downloading - pending" with no activity from the "verify" bar.

SOLUTION 1: Solution is documented in the following thread, with a BAT file to force the launcher to verify and download from a specific link.

PROBLEM: Game crashes on start-up, instead saying "0xc000007b Error".

SOLUTION 1: Kenz3001's solution, as he posted helping someone else, was the following link, citing problems with external dependencies, including .Net Framework, VisualC, DirectX, graphics drivers, windows updates, ect.:

http://www.tomshardware.co.uk/faq/id-19 ... r-fix.html

PROBLEM: Joining a server, loads, but then returns to main menu with 'Package "RenXHud" Version Mismatch":

SOLUTION 1: Try total delete and install from the download link again. Or, try a different mirror for the download.

SOLUTION 2: Download a zipped version manually at "http://constructivetyranny.com/renx/Renegade_X_5.14.zip". If the zip refuses to unzip, it was corrupt during download. Try rolling the dice again and redownload. May require update depending on if "5.14" is newest verison.

Solution 3: A torrent download from "http://file-server.download/Renegade-X/VERSION-5.12/Torrent/RenegadeX-Open%20Beta%205G.zip.torrent" may help as torrent programs prevent their downloads from corrupting, but will require launcher to update still before being able to play.

PROBLEM: Either Version Mismatch after launcher update, or Settings will not save:

SOLUTION 1: Give "Renegade X \" folder and subfolders "permissions" for your Windows User. First, go to "Renegade X \" folder, right-click "properties", and make sure it is NOT "read-only", that is is "unblocked", and that your user can edit and modify the folder. Apply, and close "properties", then re-open same properties, just to make sure it didn't ignore your changes. Then, go to "Renegade X \ Launcher\ Renegade X Launcher.exe", right click and select "properties", and checkbox it to always run as administrator. Then, go to "Renegade X \ Binaries \ Win32 \ UDK.exe", right click and select "properties", and likewise checkbox so that it always runs as administrator.

PROBLEM: Renegade X is unable to Sync with Steam:

SOLUTION 1: According to Jeff, this is very new from Feb. 2nd update of Steam. Being logged into Steam, broadcasts SteamID to Ren-X, which verifies and passes information to leaderboards and servers. This ensures the same person is playing each time, and is used for leaderboard and moderator permission in-game. It is optional for most servers. TO FIX THIS, you need to reinstall just the launcher folder (leave the rest of the game in-tact for optimal use of internet data). Delete the folder "Renegade X \ Launcher", then reinstall from main download, or from a spare installer you may have left in your computer (check recycle bin). It should Sync to Steam again afterwards for some reason.

PROBLEM: Joining a server, returns you to main menu, with a less descriptive error.

SOLUTION 1: This may be caused by 2 people joining literally simultaneously. The server won't let 2 people, even if they are mostly loaded in, stay in a game 41/40. One will be reverted to main menu. If this happens even to other servers, even after a restart of UDK.exe , then please consult another solution in the list.

PROBLEM: When I open the launcher nothing happens:

SOLUTION 1: Try right-clicking on the launcher executable and selecting 'properties'. Under the 'Compatibility' tab, make sure the 'Run this program as an administrator' box is NOT checked by default. 

SOLUTION 2: Try closing overclocking/hardware monitoring programs to include, but not limited to Rivatuner, MSI Afterburner, or ZOTAC Firestorm. 

If you have an issue not listed here, first look for similar issues in other threads and if your issue seems to be unique, create a new thread with a detailed description of what's happening.

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