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Field @ the Waterfall


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i was shooting at some stuff in the field from the waterfall ramp, and somehow slid down the side and got stuck in the wall

the character's feet were sunken into the ground and i couldn't get back up, so i was forced to run down and jump off

vehicles felt a little strange driving around for the first time, but mammies are definitely better

this isn't so much a bug, but the health and vehicle health bars are so small that you have a pretty hard time knowing where your health is at

i thought i was full HP a few times and had my vehicles blown up - it would make more sense to me to have it a little bigger or more obvious rather than having all players grow accustomed to the tiny information on the HUD

it all looks great guys, really :P

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remembered the other thing that i didn't get

from the Nod base entrance, i was shooting a nearby mammy with my light tank

i was shooting through the grass that sticks off of the wall, and my reticle was red, but even though the shots kept hitting the guy i was doing no damage

not sure if you actually have to be out in the open to hit something or if it was just some visual glitch or something, but i didn't quite understand

i also think the airstrikes are incredibly OP, especially on Field, and that we lost because the other team did enough of them and got all the points for the damage they caused lol

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