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This game looks awesome,but I have a few questions


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Hey guys,I am kinda new to this forum and to this game in general(I have played original renegade just a little bit though and I fucking love the C&C RTS games,until C&C 4 that is)and I have to say,so far this game just looks TOO good to be true,cant imagine how it sliped my radar so far.

Anyway,what I ment to ask the people who were involved with this game's community for a while now is:

1)How is the netcode and performance?

The game looks better than several of the AAA titles out there,how this can be a free mod blows my mind,but I wonder is it optimized or would you need a 2000$ PC to run it with 30 fps on low?(kinda like planetside 2 was in the early days).

Also the netcode,is it client side or server side?

I am really annoyed by a lot of games using client sided netcode more and more these days,resulting in getting killed behind cover and all sort of nonesense.

I generally really like the UT3 engine,but I cant really think of a 64 player game on that engine(espesially one that looks this good and has such big maps and buildings),so I wonder if it can really handle it.

2)Competitive play,is it going to be a thing,is it going to be supported in anyway by the devs,is there any chance for a match making system to be in place(like ESL VS or CS:GO competitive match system),if there is going to be competitive play,what do you think the format would be?(5v5,6v6,10v10 etc)

3)The community's size and expectations:How many people do you guys think are gonna play this game in the first month?

Do you think you ll manage to make the game grow as it goes?

It would be a shame if such an awesome and FREE project dies simply because it has no marketing muscle behind it.

I hope the devs manage to get some big youtubers on board for promotion.

Anyway,thx a lot to the devs for making this awesome game for FREE,even though from what I have seen I would even be willing to give 60$.

Excuse my big hype,it's just been a while since there have been an awesome 64p high TTK FPS game like that :)

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1. Netcode and performance is good. They can't make profit with it because of an agreement with EA that allowed them to make the game in the first place. You will need a fairly good PC to run the game though. The game is run through dedicated severs held up by communities. The netcode is managed both between client and server (impact is client sided, explosion damage is normally server side).

2. Competitive play is supported through clanwars.cc currently. It is supported by the devs and automatic reporting will eventually exist in the game.

3. The release date video got 100K views. I believe that player count should be relatively high, only time will tell though.

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The game sounds like it will run much better then something like BF4... As far as I know its pretty optimized.

UE3 (Unreal Engine 3) should be able to handle 64 players just fine.

As HaTe said, many people are looking at Ren-X. We hope they all join us on release :)

Also -- This is no longer a Mod, This is a full standalone game, separate from UT3.

I hope to see you ingame!! :)

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