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Hey guys, I tried loading my old Renagade-X beta I'd downloaded a while back, and it updated a few times and no servers show.

Do I have the incorrect version? I'd love to be able to beta test and give daily reports on my findings for bugs/glitches and user experience, but I don't have access to the game. I realize it's coming out late February, but I'm a stay-at-home entrepreneur and I need something to play to keep me from going insane with the work I do, and I've been playing Renegade multiplayer since it first launched in the old days. I used to play that game all day long, and seeing some of the recent stuff happening with Renegade-X makes me really eager to contribute towards the development of it by being a good beta tester.

I've run an indie game studio in the past, as well as many gaming forums, and I was hoping to take part in this and help spread the word about the game. I appreciate your consideration. Thank you and good luck on develpment!

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I see, well, please let me know if there's any opportunity to be spared but a single beta entry, as I'd gladly take it up.

Either way, I'll see you in February (along with my friend and gf, who I'm getting to come play). I was also hoping to run a server for RenegadeX in the future. What specs would you recommend? (the server, not PC)

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