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Renegade X Multiplayer with TheGunrun & Devs!


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Wow, mind-boggling stuff!!! The gameplay looks really smooth and the maps are just stunning! Everything is there: APC and Engie rushes, Orcas, massive tank battles! What I like the most is that there is a strong C&C 1 vibe all about, even more so than in the original Renegade. The way the tanks shells move and explode for some reason really made me think of the old Westwood RTS games...

And Mesa really looks incredible!

Great comments by the streamer and informative comments by the devs also. Cheers for that!

The only thing that kept irritating me was that motion blur seemed to be enabled (hate that effect) and that the guy who taped it was constantly changing from 3rd to 1st person as infantry. Felt a little hectic and chaotic at times. But I guess that is just the case when watching someone else play an FPS.

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The latest stream of TheGunRunn's, three days ago (?), where it started with a fresh game of islands as GDI, was in my opinion the video they should use to promote the game. Just take the entire first 10 minutes of that. Has infantry wars, light vehicle engi rush, full scale vehicle wars, at one part an engineer gets hit with a tank shell and goes flying at the camera just overhead, and he gets to "kamehameha" another engineer out into the water.

I noticed the "we did it" video that describes gameplay took many clips from that video, such as orcas flying over artillery, a transport heli dumping many guys into a powerplant, and a foot soldier rush through the snowy nod base.

TheGunRunn has quickly advanced from someone-I-didn't-know into one of my most favorite internet celebrities. That is besides the fact that his commentary sounds like every thought I am having about the nostalgia of C&C Renegade. It is 2006 all over again!

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